Get the Look: Simple Ways of Achieving the Vintage Country Style Décor on a Budget

Whether you live in an old home built on acres of land or a relatively new house in the suburbs, adopting the country style inspired home décor is achievable no matter what type of home you live in.

The farmhouse style or the country style inspired home is warm and inviting, with simple themes that resonate with nature and the earthiness of farmhouses.

With so many ideas and inspirations out there, it can get confusing thinking about where to start.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about adopting the vintage, country style of home décor.

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The Basics

No matter which room you are decorating under this theme, there are a few basics that the country style home décor always follows.

Try to integrate wood into your home décor and design. Whether it’s reclaimed wood, exposed beams or barn doors, the country style of home décor lays a lot of emphasis on the use of wood and wooden themes.

The country look is about the simple and neutral colors and themes. Try to mix a neutral palette with whites and grays and pair it with furnishings, accessories and antiques that capitalize on details.  While the use of whites and grays may worry some, adding layers and textures in the form of décor and accessories will help give your living spaces depth and keep things interesting.

Keeping Within The Budget

The great thing about the country style home décor is that it’s always budget friendly. Since the main theme of this type of home décor is on simplicity and keeping spaces functional, it’s really easy to achieve the look within a budget.

Muted textiles, distressed and rustic wood finishes can be achieved with antique and flea market finds.  Use chalk paint to re-work items you already own.  Chalk paint is easy to use and adds an automatic wow factor to furniture that might look out of place.  You don’t really have to go looking for a new table that looks old!

Incorporate the use of greenery and flowers in every room to bring out the cozy and vintage feel.

Image:  Pottery Barn

Image:  Pottery Barn

For your kitchens, use old rolling pins, mix and matched accessories, wall clocks, creamware, yelloware, old cutting boards, baskets and enamel or stoneware accessories to draw attention to the vintage theme.

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