On the Outside: Nailing the Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Much has been said and written about getting that pristine and neat modern farmhouse interior right: warm, neutral colors; vintage style and rustic décor, mixing and matching furniture, combining the contemporary chic with the classic farmhouse countrified goodness. However, the overall look can hardly be achieved if the exterior of a modern farmhouse style is avoided: especially if you’re applying the décor idea to a bungalow instead of an apartment.

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How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look Right

Cozy, comfortable, and charming: the modern farmhouse look is perfectly welcoming and expertly combines two of the most iconic décor trends of all times: the rustic antique and the contemporary chic. Perhaps at some point it might have been unbelievable to think of a décor trend which could combine the clean, pristine, and minimal modern style with the rustic and bucolic ambience of countrified traditional living. Then came the modern farmhouse look which is adored and admired by many, owing to its convenience, uniqueness, and indisputable aesthetic appeal.

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How To Decorate A Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Farmhouse style kitchens are well known and a popular interior style option—but farmhouse bathrooms, which are relatively less known and not paid much attention to, are also a major element of any modern farmhouse style interior. And no, a farmhouse style bathroom does not have to be all wood and woe: we’re talking about a bathroom that’s clean in design, elegant in style, and rustic in décor. Modern farmhouse style has to be marriage of contemporary and modern elements, which gives rise to a bucolic and beautiful interior.

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Make That Housewarming Gift Really Warm: 5 Accessories for Every Kitchen

When shopping for housewarming gifts, the most pressing concern for anyone is whether or not their gift will chime in with the rest of the host’s house.

Decorative items and show pieces are the most popular housewarming gifts, but they might not always work in your friend’s house. The safest best—and a practical, pleasant one too—is to take a kitchen accessory for your housewarming host.

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Practical, Portable, and Perfectly Pretty: Vintage Scales for Your Rustic Kitchen

The appeal of buying shaded, worn-in looking jeans has never died out. Torn, shredded, and bleached, this is the kind of apparel that seldom goes out of fashion.

It’s because newness is boring and clichéd: people want antiquated, worn-in vibes; something that looks aged and rustic—but something that works. It’s the same with kitchens and kitchenware: people love the timeworn aesthetic of vintage décor, and we’ve got just the right things for you.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style is greatly inspired by the marriage of precisely these two components of home décor.

The farmhouse style brings a feeling of warmth and coziness to rustic décor. The modern touch makes the farmhouse style look chic and adds to the aesthetics. Together, the modern farmhouse style represents the perfect design for homes that typically sit on a large piece of land in the country.

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5 Ways to Add Wood into Your Home for a Rustic Feel

One of the standout points of any farmhouse and southern style home is the rustic and vintage feel that makes cottage-style homes cozy and warm.

Modern farmhouse décor is inviting and accentuates both rustic accents with farmhouse style accessories and antiques. 

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Top Farmhouse Style Ideas For A Small Kitchen

Farmhouse décor is all about charm and comfort. When standing in the space, you feel like you’re truly home.

Decorating and equipping your small kitchen farmhouse-style shouldn’t have to be tricky; all it takes is a few beautiful farmhouse kitchen accessories.

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5 Reasons You Should Personalize Your Home Space

When you move into a new house, it’s like starting over with a blank slate. Your home is your haven; it is a place you can come to at the end of the day and simply be—whether it’s curled up in bed with a book or chilling on the sofa in front of the television.

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