5 Ways to Add Wood into Your Home for a Rustic Feel

One of the standout points of any farmhouse and southern style home is the rustic and vintage feel that makes cottage-style homes cozy and warm.

Modern farmhouse décor is inviting and accentuates both rustic accents with farmhouse style accessories and antiques.  

 Rustic wooden coffee tables and wood lamps add both a rustic and sophisticated vibe to this living room.

Rustic wooden coffee tables and wood lamps add both a rustic and sophisticated vibe to this living room.

If you’re someone who has grown up in the country, you will more often than not, recall rustic furnishings as one of the most beautiful part of your home’s interior. One of the simplest ways to achieve the rustic look is by adding wood and wooden items into your home.

Why Wood Is a Great Choice
Wood is a classic and versatile material that can be played around with in many ways when decorating your home. From kitchen tables and counters to flooring and shelves, there are more than a few ways you can incorporate wood to match rustic and vintage themes.  Check out this white neutral space below captured beautifully by Emma Lewis Photography of Anton and K Antiques'.  It hits all the buttons of rustic farmhouse decor.  The wooden whitewashed beams.  Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have a space with this type of "bones" but there are many faux beams on the market that can be added at a fraction of the cost of real beams.  Simple white wood shutters adorn the windows.  Natural tones mixed in with the white, add both a warm and inviting vibe.


So, How Can You Achieve The Look?

Since wood is so versatile, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your rustic décor.

Getting Creative
You can never overdo home décor with the use of wood! Whether your home has beautiful, exposed natural beams or you’re looking for creative ways to add a rustic theme to your interior, there are a number of ways you can use wood in your home. From adding antique wooden doors you purchase at antique shows or flea markets to shelves and hand-carved wooden accessories, the possibilities to incorporate wood are endless!

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Starting Small
If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to achieve rustic décor, consider starting small. A wooden wall clock, coasters and smaller accessories are simple ways to get started on the project.

DIY Projects
Since wood is one of the easiest materials to get crafty with, consider going through some online tutorials and get creative! Pull out your tool box and play around with design options.

You can even consider recycling wooden pallets to create shelves for planters and books. If you’re not feeling crafty, you can look for a wooden trunk to make for an elevated space to place a vase or small decorative items.

Wooden Flooring
Adding wooden flooring is a charming and classic way to introduce wood into your home. Although this option can be slightly pricier, there are many options that can suit the rustic style you may be looking for.  Like these beautiful herringbone wood floors by Hudson Home Builders.  They are spectacular!

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.44.57 PM.png

Finding A Theme
The versatility of wood ensures it can be incorporated into any theme that you like. So, if you’re going for a more rustic and vintage theme, think more in terms of wooden wardrobes, drawers and shelves.

Are you looking for farmhouse style themes to add to your rustic and vintage themes for home décor? Check out the accessories and antiques from The Grey Antler to match your style.

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Rustic Vibe 101: A Shabby Chic’s Guide to Getting a Green Thumb

The best part about country-style living is the closeness to nature that comes with it. Being surrounded by plants and flowers can have an instant affect on our mood and help us naturally de-stress and feel relaxed.

Plants survive off the carbon dioxide we breathe out and replace it with oxygen in the air around us. A study by NASA explained how indoor plants have the capacity to clean the air around us and remove up to 87% of air toxins in a day’s span!

Indoor plants help you clear your mental space. They also add an element of visual aesthetic and add a pop of color that gives your country-style home a rustic and shabby chic element.

Indoor Plants for the Beginner
So you’ve decided to add some indoor plants to your farmhouse-style home. What’s next?

Many plants can thrive indoors. Most indoor plants already come with a planter or in containers. There are only two reasons why you may need to change the containers; either your plant is outgrowing the container or if you’re growing bulbs indoors, you may need to plant them yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 2.49.37 PM.png

Taking Care of Your Indoor Plants
Indoor plants are usually low-maintenance. The amount of sunlight they require depends on the type of plant you are growing, so it’s best to do some research beforehand.

Plants like philodendron, Devil’s Ivy, Peace lily and Dracaena don’t need much sunlight.

The most important thing to do for indoor plants is to keep the potting soil moist and watered sufficiently. Ensure that the soil is not too wet or too dry. Ensure that the planter has drainage holes at the bottom and place the plant near a natural or artificial source of light.

How Long Do They Survive? 
Indoor plants typically survive an average of two to five years, depending on the species and how well they are cared for.

Choosing the Right Planter
Indoor plants can be placed in a variety of planters, including clay pots, metal pots or concrete pots. Each type of planter has its own benefits. Clay pots are porous and allow air to pass through them.

Concrete pots are more durable and aid in stabilizing the soil temperature. Metal pots come in a wide range, from zinc to aluminum containers and tend to not break or crack.

Looking For Indoor Plants For Your Home?
We, at The Grey Antler, have a variety of indoor plants, faux greenery, vases and planters, suitable for indoor spaces like kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms for that rustic, chic vibe! Our farmhouse style home decor accessories are designed to give your home a warm, vintage and southern-style feel.

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You Had Me at Hello – 4 Ways To Create A Vintage, Shabby Chic Front Door

While a lot of time and money is spent on interior decorations, the front door is often neglected.

The entrance to your home sets the first impression and the entire mood and ambience that you and your guests expect from your home.

If you’re looking to achieve a warm and cozy, shabby chic vibe at your entrance and front door, here are a few home décor tips to get you started.

Simple front doors can be made to look interesting and homey with the addition of wreaths and baskets around them. Not only do they help give the entrance a burst of color and freshness, but it’s also a very simple way to upgrade it. You may choose a simple faux olive wreath or more decorative Magnolia Acres wreath to achieve the farmhouse and cottage style look.


Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 2.39.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 2.40.28 PM.png


Lanterns are a sure way to give your entrance rustic, cozy and farmhouse style feels. With a few lanterns hanging on the side of your front door by the porch, or placed next to it, you can bring out that rustic and warm country-style feel of  your front door.

You can also choose a candle lantern with a chimney from our collection selected to add to the welcoming accents of your entrance.

Play with some colors!
Don’t be afraid to get a little playful and cheeky. A colorful front door is another way to make your home stand out and look welcoming. Pastel colors ranging from soft yellows and subtle browns are often complementary with the darker, earthy shades of farmhouse style homes .

Outdoor Plants and Home Décor 
What stands out about cottage style and barn-like entrances is the addition of greenery to them. Outdoor plants and accessories can be one of the most praised features of your home’s front door. You can add one of our Cement Planters or clay and metal pots for your outdoor plants and place them on our Hand-Carved Wooden Pillar to add a rustic, shabby chic feel.

Inspired and looking for more?

Visit The Grey Antler for more farmhouse style home décor and accessories or check out our blog for more ideas! For queries and orders, you can reach out to us on our Facebook page or Twitter handle, and we will get back to you with a prompt reply on all your questions.




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